Let's talk

Mental health. It sounds a bit full on doesn't it?
Why is it that when we come down with the latest bug going around we are so open in talking about it, asking for help and admitting that it's hard and we're struggling but when the illness is in your head we hush it up, plaster a smile on and say 'I'm fine'?
It's almost nonsensical that the one illness that can be helped by talking and support is the one we refuse to talk about.
I'm as guilty as anyone with this. If someone asks me how I've been I'm hardly going to reply with 'Actually Susan I've been pacing around the house all night thinking about all the things I dislike about myself, how I'm going to fail in life and most likely die alone'. It's just not something I'm going to talk about when I bump into someone in the middle of town. Plus we all develop our own coping mechanisms and for me, talking isn't one of them.
But maybe we should talk about it more. Ther…

Small steps can lead to big changes

'You've just got to believe in yourself'
'Follow your dreams'
'Just take a chance'
Common and I'm sure well meaning advice that is given whenever you are musing about your future. Well meaning but quite frankly, not very useful for the majority of people who can't just quit their job (hello bills) or invest in equipment (the bank says no) or whatever it is that is being made out to be just a small stumbling block on your road to success. But only it's not a small stumbling block, it's real life.
I can't get on board with that type of advice. Maybe I'm just bitter and cynical but it sounds too much like it's saying you're not wishing hard enough or you don't want it as much. I honestly wish it was as simple as what we tell our kids, just close your eyes and wish upon a star and it just magically happens.
But we all know that's not life folks.
For a start it involves graft. Serious, consistent and long term graft but tha…

Can you wing a blog too?

So this was one of my 3am ideas...

I've never been one for blogs in all honesty, especially mummy type blogs. They all seem too smug and perfect, there is always a witty mum, a handsome dad, a beautiful house, 2.4 children and usually a Labrador for good measure. Ok ok I'm generalising but I just mean the ones I have seen just haven't been ones I can relate to. At all. So here I am starting my own, at best someone can read it and relate to it and find it helpful, at worst it can be somewhere just for me to document all my rambling, messed up thoughts.

So about me. I'm a single parent to an amazing six year old boy, Jett. I've been a single parent for about four years and as hard as it's been (and trust me it's been hard) I wouldn't change it for the world because of how close it has made us. We're a proper little team and I love it. I also work part time, volunteer and I'm in my third year of a degree. So my life is crazy busy, my house is alway…